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TickerNamePriceChangeChange PercentRelease Date
MSFT.EPSMicrosoft EPS$26.36



Oct 23rd, 2023
MSFT.REVMicrosoft Revenue$54.43



Oct 23rd, 2023
AMZN.EPSAmazon EPS$61.94



Oct 25th, 2023
AMZN.REVAmazon Revenue$13.83



Oct 25th, 2023
AAPL.EPSApple EPS$14.13



Oct 25th, 2023
AAPL.REVApple Revenue$88.92



Oct 25th, 2023
NVDA.EPSNvidia EPS$33.78



Nov 21st, 2023
NVDA.REVNvidia Revenue$16.38



Nov 21st, 2023


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